Five Head Band Resaw Pictured


Frame: Heavy duty 1/4" (6.35mm) x 4" (10.16cm) x 8" (20.3cm) tubular steel
Feed System: Steel slat bed feed chain
Bands: 1-1/4" (3.18cm) x 17' (5.18m) disposable blade Air strain band tension
Guides: Interchangeable pre-surfaced adjustable guides
Drive Wheels: 36" (91.44cm) diameter high quality carbon steel Scraper wheel cleaner
Hold downs: Powered multi sprocket or tire hold down (front and rear)
Cutting Cap: 8" (20.32cm) wide x 12" (30.48cm) high Minimum cant length 24" (60.96cm)
Motors: 20 H.P. TEFC drive motor 2 H.P. to 7-1/2 H.P. variable speed feed drive
Electrical: Includes all TEFC motors, starters, breakers, 440 volt standard. Customer responsible for electric wiring to equipment.
Dust Removal: 6" (15.24cm) diameter outlet
Options: Automatic cant return Traffic Control Breakdown equipment Misters, Digital Readouts, Frequency Drive.  Other voltages available.

Specifications subject to change without notice


# All electrical furnished with main circuit breaker, fuses, control circuit transformer motor, starters and controls, 440 volt standard

# Emergency stop buttons located at both ends of saw

# Heavy duty frame and construction

# Eurodrive variable feed

# Universal parts replacement

# Air station band tensioning

# Interchangeable pre-surfaced adjustable guides

# Standard production rate of 20 to 120 FPM


"Heavy Duty, Low Labor, High Production"
Equipment Designed for the Sawmill and Pallet Industry.

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