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Setworks: Computer setworks - 15 preset locations  /   Manual setworks - Handcrank adjustment
Frame: Heavy duty 1/4" (6.35mm) x 4" (10.16cm) x 10" (25.4cm) tubular steel for vibration free cutting.
Feed System: Steel slat bed feed chain.  200fpm max speed / 20fpm min speed. 
Bands: .042" x 4"  /  .083 Kerf   /  Swedge tooth or stelite tipped
Guides: Interchangeable pressure guides
Drive Wheels: 42" (106.65cm) custom drive wheels mde of high quality carbon steel and dynamicaly balanced.
Hold Downs: CS - Double tire hold down  /  MS - Double sprocket hold down
Cutting Specs: Max Length w/ out Return - Unlimited  /  Max Length w/ Return - per customer requirement   Min Length - 18"  /  Max Width - 14"  /  Min Width - 3"  /   Max Height - 14"
Motors: 40 H.P. TEFC 1800rpm per head.  3 H.P. to 7-1/2 H.P. variable speed drive
Electrical: Includes all TEFC motors, starters, breakers, 440 volt standard. System is prewired, Customer responsible for electric wiring to equipment.
Dust Removal: 6" (15.25cm) diameter outlet / Customer is responsible for air suction.
Options: Automatic cant return, Breakdown equipment, Operators cab, 2 or 3 way cant/board seperator, Can't turner in crossover, Other voltages available.
Specifications subject to change without notice.



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"Heavy Duty, Low Labor, High Production"
Equipment Designed for the Sawmill and Pallet Industry.

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