"The Systems People"

West Plains Resaw Systems, Inc. specializes in resaw system designs; this keeps Labor to a minimum and Production at a maximum.
"We are a company dedicated to providing our customers high quality equipment engineered for performance, reliability, and long lasting value."   Bill Ball, Owner.
West Plains Resaw Systems, Inc. manufactures heavy duty machinery for the Pallet and Sawmill Industry. The equipment line includes 4 series of band resaws from 1-1/4" wide bands to 5" wide bands; automatic cant return systems; board, notchers; infeeds; unscramblers; and dust removers.
The manufacturing plant is located in West Plains, Missouri, and the sales department is based in Virginia.


"Heavy Duty, Low Labor, High Production"
Equipment Designed for the Sawmill and Pallet Industry.

West Plains Resaw Systems, Inc.
Sales Office
6496 Landing Road, King George, VA  22485
(540) 663-4939 (540) 663-4081 fax
e-mail  info@wpresaw.com