Double Notcher: The DH100 Double Head Notcher features an automatic stringer feed design capable of feeding stringers directly from your saw to the notcher. Indexable tipped cutter heads, high production, and fast change-overs are a few reasons why this is the most popular notcher on the market. The DH200 Double Head Notcher is a lower production version featuring a hand feed hopper design and indexable tipped cutter heads.

Cut-off Saw: The Grizzly Series Cut-off saw is available with up to five saw heads. Adjustable stops with top and side holdovers assure precise cuts for consistently accurate lumber. Any cutting combination from one saw head to all five is possible.

Dust Remover: Our Cyclone Dust Remover includes an unscrambler and 14" wide infeed deck. The Cyclone is capable of running boards to 2 at a time allowing more lumber to be processed in the same amount of time as our competitors.

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